Tree Nurseries and Propagation (TNP)

What we do

We produce and propagate high quality grafted or non-grafted seedlings of various fruit and nut trees, such as orange, lemon, mango or cashew trees, as well as of indigenous trees, such as “netto” (African locust bean tree) or moringa (drumstick tree). Furthermore, training opportunities for local farmers on planting and managing of plantations, including grafting and pruning, are under preparation. We cooperate with the Cashew Alliance of The Gambia, the Agriculture School of The Gambia College and the Forestry Department of the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change & Natural Resources.

Why we do it

The propagation of tree seedlings opens up new business and income opportunities for local farmers and communities. This in particular applies to multipurpose trees that serve as animal feed, food supplements for human consumption and health care purposes. The augmentation of tree planting, the fostering of agroforestry systems with mixed (inter) cropping, furthermore, serves the adaptation of local communities to climate change and the devastation of bushland.