Cashew production and processing (CPP)

What we do

We are producing and propagating high quality grafted cashew seedlings. Training opportunities for local farmers on planting and managing of cashew trees and plantations, including grafting and pruning, are under construction. We aim at creating facilities for the first steps in cashew processing, i.e. the steaming and deshelling for sale to Gambian Factories for further processing. We are cooperating with the Cashew Alliance of The Gambia and the Agriculture School of The Gambia College.

Why we do it

The cultivation and processing of cashew potentially opens up new business and income opportunities for local farmers and communities. The cashew overall production capacity in The Gambia still is very low and only approximately 5 % of the to­tal raw cashew nuts are processed in the country. The vast majority (over 75%) of the raw nuts are exported to India and Vietnam. This limits the potential earnings of Gambian farmers, traders and processors. The augmentation of tree planting, improvements in plantation management, strengthening of local traders and the expansion of processing facilities in The Gambia contribute to the welfare of individuals and local communities by a better participation in the added-value chain and the increase of paid labor and employment.