Poultry for Egg Production

What we do

We are establishing a poultry with layers that will serve as a model for medium-sized commercial egg production. With our trainings we are creating the necessary awareness and knowledge about the adoption of improved practices, the relevance of feed quality and utilization as well as of animal health vaccination plans and biosecurity measures. Our special focus is training on the economic aspects of egg production in the competitive environment with cheap imported eggs.

The program contributes to food security as well as to new business opportunities for farmers and local communities. We are cooperating with the Livestock Department of the Ministry of Agriculture of The Gambia and local feed producers.

Why we do it

The Gambia cannot meet the demand of its population for small ruminants. Thus, the enhancement of small ruminant production is part of the national strategy for food security. The lack of access to feed a associated with severe rangeland degradation due to overgrazing, climate change, recurrent bushfires as well as the absence of improvement strategies together with substantial losses of animals due to pests and diseases areconsidered the main constraints and challenges.